Release Party

Erin, Paul, Jeremy, Audra, John

Digali – Erin, Paul, Zeke, Jeremy, Anna, Audra, John

World Famous in Bloomsburg is officially released. We had a lovely show Saturday night at the Moose Exchange Antler in downtown Bloomsburg. Thanks to Jeremy and Audra dePrisco, Erin Dietrick, John Huckans, Randy Moyer, Safa Saracoglu, and Anna and Zeke Weber-Loomis for being the band, and thanks to Oren Helbok at the Antler for hosting us at the Antler.

Little Birds - me, Zeke, Anna

Little Birds – Paul, Zeke, Anna

Thanks to everyone who came and listened – we had a packed house, with two rows of kids (and a few grownups) sitting on the floor at the front, all the chairs full, and folks standing at the back. (And, I’m told, folks who couldn’t get in. Zoinks! I’m sorry about that – please come see another show!)

Safa, Anna, me, Jeremy

Creosote Covered Pole – Safa, Anna, Paul, Jeremy, part of Zeke

We ran through all 22 songs of World Famous in Bloomsburg with the band growing and shrinking from 9 to 3 to 1 to 5 to 9 (and so on, but not always an odd number). I added a solo take of “Something Good”, from Dry Ridge, my first album, and we closed with a rollicking version of “What I Should Have Written in Your Yearbook 1987” from Yuspe, the second.

Paul, Erin, Audra, John

Science Fair – Paul, Erin, Audra, John

Mostly Corn - Anna, Paul, Zeke

Mostly Corn – Anna, Paul, Zeke

If you couldn’t make it and would like to buy a CD, come find me! If you don’t want a physical copy, uploading to itunes and all those other sites will soon be complete.

Safa Saracoglu on drum, me, Randy Moyer on guitar

Line Line – Safa, Paul, Randy

Thanks to Heather Almer and Deb Huckans for the photos.

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