I grew up in Indiana, both in the city (Indianapolis) and the country (near Greentown, which is near Kokomo, which is in the flat part). Playing guitar and writing songs (along with running and beer) kept me sane through seven long years of grad school in math.

Fifteen years ago, I moved to Pennsylvania, took a job as a math professor, and got married to Leticia Weber. We have two kids, Anna and Zeke, and playing music for (and with) them has been great fun. For 13 years we lived in an old farmhouse in the country (see the shed and the rooster on the front of Dry Ridge) but in 2013 we moved to a small house in Bloomsburg. Among other things, it has meant I can play music with others more often.

We try to spend a bit of time in South America; that shows up in songs like The Grand Buffet from Yuspe or in multilingual bits in One Two from World Famous in Bloomsburg. We have a blog called Waiting for a Bus that we update pretty much only when we’re travelling.

My website at work is here.

One thought on “about

  1. Paul —
    I have been lingering on your website this evening and enjoying your songs, particularly (as a 1972 Agnes flood survivor, “Susquehanna — . . .”
    And I am wondering if you have any mathy lyrics that you might be willing to let me use on my blog.
    (“Intersections — Poetry with Mathematics” at http://poetrywithmathematics.blogspot.com


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