Upcoming Shows


King St Coffeehouse in Sunbury, PA, 2018.

  • March 4, 10-11am, in the High Foundation Auditorium at Landis Homes Retirement Community, Lititz, PA. This one’s to raise money for the senior class trip at Monteverde Friends School (in Costa Rica, where Zeke is)
  • April 22, sometime between 10am and 2pm (for about an hour), at Joy to the Earth (it’s an Earth Day event!), East Snyder Park, Selinsgrove, PA.
  • May 7, 9:30am-10:10am, at the Priestley Chapel, 380 Front St, Northumberland, PA. A Sunday morning service of words and music. I’ve heard about these for years and did my first one in March 2022. I’m stoked to have been asked back.
  • May 13, 9am-noon, Ferry Street Growers Market, 330 Ferry St, Danville PA.
  • July 8, 10am-1pm, Forks Farm Market, http://forksfarmmarket.com, 299 Covered Bridge Rd, Orangeville, PA. This is a great market and always a fun show to play.

Click here for a list of past shows.

At Fog & Flame, 2/20/2015. Photo courtesy of Sarah Fought.

At Fog & Flame, 2/20/2015. Photo courtesy of Sarah Fought.

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