It is close now

CDs are at the manufacturer! Lots of shows are on the way – Nov 22 at the Antler, Nov 25 at Forks Farm, Dec 5 at TreeFest, Dec 6 at Brews n Bytes. (See details at the upcoming shows page.)

When I was younger, songs written by others always seemed inevitable – they were the way they were, and the way that they had to be. Now I know that most songs involve tons of decisions, and up until the end, lots can be up in the air. For months I have been listening to this album critically, looking for problems or little things that could be made better. Now every decision made seems like the right one and the album seems as it should be. And, happily, I still enjoy listening to it, partly because it isn’t just me – there is good work by so many others on these tracks. Listening, you won’t know about all the earlier versions, but I’ll always remember how it once was and how it became what it is. I owe a big thank you to everyone involved, and to Jeremy dePrisco for having the patience and the focus to see it to the end.

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