Exciting news!

Hey, everybody! I’ve gone far too long (five+ years, which is an eternity in internet time) without an update. But there’s news worth mentioning. First, on March 6 I’ll play a short Sunday morning show at the Priestley Chapel in Northumberland – first indoor gig since 2019!

Second is the big one: I’ve been working on my 4th album, tentatively called More Songs (can you find a better title?). I’m excited that the amazing fiddle playing of Katie Loomis-Adams graces 6 of these songs. Safa Saracoglu plays percussion on a few, and Jeremy dePrisco plays a bit of bass. (I’m excited about that too.) I’m recording this one at Green Valley Studios outside Hughesville; Jeremy is doing the mixing down in Philly. If you’ve heard me play in the last 5 years, you’ve heard a lot of these songs already, but they sound even better with Katie, Safa, Jeremy, and hopefully a few others on there. I hope to have something in hand by summer…stay tuned!

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