Song of the Soul

I’m really pleased to tell you that you can go listen to me in a 55-minute episode of Song of the Soul, a program hosted by Mark Helpsmeet of  Northern Spirit Radio in Wisconsin. I met Mark in April when he came through Bloomsburg with the Friendly Folk Dancers.

In Song of the Soul, Mark talks to musicians about their lives and inspirations and connects that with musical selections the guests have chosen. Since I (sometimes) write short songs, I managed to get 8 songs in there.

The air date was May 29, 2016. In case you’re reading this well after that, here’s a link for that particular episode:

Song of the Soul – Paul Loomis

In case that isn’t enough, there’s even some bonus material that didn’t fit in the 55 minutes.

Thanks to Mark Helpsmeet for giving me the opportunity to do this. It’s nice to be asked questions that make you think a bit.

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