Warm Light is here!

Photo by Oren Helbok

I am delighted to tell you that I have four boxes of CDs in our living room – Warm Light has arrived!

What can I tell you about it? Ten songs, seven of them graced by the violin playing of Katie Loomis-Adams. Lots of them with bass by Jeremy dePrisco, percussion by Safa Saracoglu. One of them with Katie singing harmony vocals, another with Audra dePrisco doing the same. And one song recorded with the Superlatives – Mike Hickey on guitar, Urie Kline on drums, Kurt Smith on bass, John Sweeney on harmonica. That one – Moogly – sounds like the blues. A few others sound like bluegrass. A lot of them sound a bit like folk music. All of them sound like me, singing and playing guitar, and sometimes harmonica, banjo, or violin. If you’ve heard me play live in the last few years, you’ve heard solo versions of lots of these songs, maybe you’ve heard me say “this one has a great fiddle part!” Now you can hear it.

They’re on sale for $10. If you like what I’ve done before, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this too.