Hear some Music!

Here are a few samples:

From Warm Light, released August 2022:

Mason Jar: this is the most bluegrassy thing on the album, featuring Katie Loomis-Adams on fiddle.

Moogly: this is the most bluesy thing on the album. Featuring the Superlatives, who had never heard this song before the day we went and cut it at Green Valley Recording.

Good Morning Chickens: it’s a lullaby, of sorts, to close the album. Just me and Katie on this one.

From World Famous in Bloomsburg, released November 2014:

Susquehanna (Here it Comes Again): This song won 3rd prize at the 2011 Pennsylvania Heritage Songwriting Contest. A few years later, it was used (that is, played by me) in Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble’s production of Flood Stories, Too.

Digali: No song on the album has more people on it than this one. Banjo, guitar, tuba, cajon, riq, and tons of vocals.

Have to Pee: A camping song, written in a tent.

From Yuspe, released in in 2009:

What I Should’ve Written in Your Yearbook, 1987: This started off as a poem. Then came banjo, cello (from David Fu), and a brass trio: Scott & Jean Atherton on trumpet and french horn and Bruce Candlish on tuba. I think this song has more words than any other I’ve recorded; it is also a hint of the fuller instrumentation to come on World Famous in Bloomsburg.

Oscar Wilde and Chamomile: The lullaby that closes the album, helped along by David Fu’s cello.

From Dry Ridge, released in 2005:

Darth Vader Mask: I wrote and first performed this in April 1996; for a long time, it was my most requested (and most popular on itunes) song.

Diapertime Butterfly: An early song about having kids.

Or, at my page at CDBaby, you can hear clips of any song on any of my albums:

Paul Loomis: World Famous in Bloomsburg

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