Hear some Music!

Here are a few samples:

From World Famous in Bloomsburg, released November 2014:

Susquehanna (Here it Comes Again): This song won 3rd prize at the 2011 Pennsylvania Heritage Songwriting Contest. A few years later, it was used (that is, played by me) in Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble’s production of Flood Stories, Too.

Digali: No song on the album has more people on it than this one. Banjo, guitar, tuba, cajon, riq, and tons of vocals.

Have to Pee: A camping song, written in a tent.

From Yuspe, released in in 2009:

What I Should’ve Written in Your Yearbook, 1987: This started off as a poem. Then came banjo, cello (from David Fu), and a brass trio: Scott & Jean Atherton on trumpet and french horn and Bruce Candlish on tuba. I think this song has more words than any other I’ve recorded; it is also a hint of the fuller instrumentation to come on World Famous in Bloomsburg.

Oscar Wilde and Chamomile: The lullaby that closes the album, helped along by David Fu’s cello.

From Dry Ridge, released in 2005:

Darth Vader Mask: I wrote and first performed this in April 1996; for a long time, it was my most requested (and most popular on itunes) song.

Diapertime Butterfly: An early song about having kids.

Or, at my page at CDBaby, you can hear clips of any song on any of my albums:

Paul Loomis: World Famous in Bloomsburg

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