Wanna buy an album?

If you want to buy an album or a song, I suggest one of the following options:

  • Go to Endless Records on Main Street in Bloomsburg. Warm Light, the new one(!) is there for $10. I want you to go there so much that World Famous in Bloomsburg and Yuspe are available there for a special low price.
  • go to itunes or your favorite portal for buying music digitally and do that. By the way, did you know that musicians get almost nothing when you stream a song on Spotify? If you want to support a musician, it’s much more helpful to buy a song or an album digitally (or physically).
  • send me an email at loomispa@gmail.com and we’ll do this the old-fashioned way – you send me a check, I send you a CD! We’ll say $15 including postage (in the U.S.) for Warm Light, World Famous in Bloomsburg or Yuspe, $20 including postage for the now-hard-to-find (and not many left) Dry Ridge. Also, I’ve found I can send two CDs in the same little box at no extra cost, so if you want to buy two, it’s $25. (Unless one of those is Dry Ridge; then $30 for two.)

There are four albums:

  • Warm Light, 2022. Recorded by Richard Rupert at Green Valley Recordings in Hughesville, PA. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy dePrisco, now in Norristown, PA. Ten Paul Loomis songs, seven of them with Katie Loomis-Adams playing violin. One with Katie singing. Jeremy dePrisco plays lots of bass, Safa Saracoglu plays lots of percussion. Audra dePrisco sings on one. And Moogly has the Superlatives – Mike Hickey (guitar), Urie Kline (drums), Kurt Smith (bass), and  John Sweeney (harmonica).warmlight-justcover
  • World Famous in Bloomsburg, 2014. Produced and recorded by Jeremy dePrisco at Pepperhead Studios, formerly in Millville. Twenty-two songs about all sorts of things, with lots of friends and family helping out – Anna and Zeke sing and play some instruments, Jeremy dePrisco plays lots of bass and does other things, and there are guest appearances from Audra dePrisco (singing), Mike Hickey (guitar, mandolin, singing), Randy Moyer (guitar and singing), Safa Saracoglu (percussion), Erin Dietrick (violin), John Huckans (tuba and singing), and John Sweeney (harmonica).
    Paul Loomis: World Famous in Bloomsburg
    Paul Loomis: World Famous in Bloomsburg
  • Yuspe, 2009. Recorded by Carl Chimi at his studio outside Benton. Twelve songs, partly about kids and growing up and travelling the world. Lots of help from David Fu on cello, and a rare banjo/cello/horn section track called What I Should’ve Written In Your Yearbook, 1987 with Scott & Jean Atherton and Bruce Candlish on trumpet, french horn, and tuba.
    Paul Loomis: Yuspe
    Paul Loomis: Yuspe
  • Dry Ridge, 2004. The first one, on which I made every noise, recorded by young Bob Wilson in a basement outside Catawissa. The big hits have been Darth Vader Mask (the first song I played in public) and Anna’s Canon in B flat.
    Paul Loomis: Dry Ridge
    Paul Loomis: Dry Ridge

Or you could come to a show.

Or you could email me at loomispa@gmail.com.

Prefer itunes or any of that ilk? I’m there, too. Just look for Paul Loomis.

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