About time

After typing this title, I thought about writing something really introspective about time. But that wasn’t the plan, and I’m gonna stick with the plan. About time really meant it’s about time for another post here.

What’s been happening? Well, after all those November/December shows, there was a holiday. The family came for Christmas after Christmas, which meant 14 people for 3 days in our one-bathroom house. But my family is very adaptable, and there were no bathroom emergencies or long shower arguments.


Then we spent two weeks in Costa Rica – an account of that is showing up slowly over at the Waiting for a Bus blog.

Then we jumped back into school and life and I started getting shows on the calendar. The first came last Saturday night at Fog & Flame on Main St. This was during the Destination Blues music festival, this show was a late add, and Leticia, Anna, and Zeke were in upstate New York for the weekend. So it was a truly solo show. The set list, as best as I can remember it (I always have a written list, but I always change things around as the spirit leads).

grand buffet
science fair
anna’s canon in B flat
one two
peanut butter
ruffled grouse
little birds
the raven (yes, the Edgar Allan Poe poem, played like an early-60s Dylan song. It works surprisingly well, and I think the Poe/Dylan connection is worth at least a doctoral thesis project. Also, it’s about 12 minutes long.)

set break, because we all needed it after the raven

sunday morning (fall)
have to pee
crows nests
a 19th century dandy reconsiders his hair
when the ship comes in (an actual early 60s Dylan song)
another piece of toast
toast (again, by request)
line line
oscar wilde and chamomile

It was an enjoyable show with a friendly and lively crowd, part of which fed me borscht, salad, macaroni, and beer afterword (thank you!)

The band gets larger now, adding Jeremy, Audra, Anna, and Zeke for the February 20 Fog & Flame show. Then larger still, adding (I believe) Mike, John H., and Safa for the March 11 ArtWalk show. It’s never the same show twice, folks.

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