Release Show #2 in Danville

It seems crazy, I know, to have one of my World Famous in Bloomsburg release shows in Danville, which is like a whole different world from Bloomsburg. But Brews n Bytes has been one of my favorite places to play for years, and we don’t make all the way to Danville to eat as often as we would like.

Paul, Zeke, Anna, Mike

Paul, Zeke, Anna, Mike

Mike Hickey played guitar on only 5 songs on the album, but the stage at Brews n Bytes is small, and Mike couldn’t make it to Release Party 1, so he (and Anna and Zeke) were the band today. He came prepared, with three guitars, a mandolin, and an autoharp. The combination of vocal, guitar, trombone, and autoharp (seen above during Creosote Covered Pole) is, like the Yeti,  exceedingly rare, and documented only in blurry photos.

As in Bloomsburg, we played the album front to back – someday this will be a rare alternate bootleg version of the album. The day was cold and rainy, but the crowd was warm, friendly, and mostly dry. Every time I play at Brews n Bytes I think I should play there more often. As I do this time. Thanks, guys!

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